Why Is The Dickwhore Yapping About Roofies ?

I'm really not sure why the dickwhore brought this whole mess up again.. I thought the issue was resolved and everyone knew Larry did it.. Since it's a pretty serious matter and because I'm all about the truth.. Here are the facts as the people who were present know them to be.. Everyone involved discussed this matter at great length and it's known that Larry handed all 3 women drinks he had gotten from the bar and walked thru a dark hallway into the outside area( All other drinks were presented by a bartender or waitress so Larry had the only opportunity ).. The 3 drugging incidents only occured when Larry was present (It hasnt happened since Larry stopped showing up after I told him I was gonna punch him in the face for lying about bartabs) and all 3 women who were drugged indicated openly in the room they felt Larry had drugged them, I think the fact that all 3 women were willing to put themselves on record openly in the chatroom and say they are convinced Larry drugged them is a critical part of the story.. I'm not sure why my name is being mentioned as a suspect because none of the 3 women who were drugged ever thought I had anything to do with it..If you feel like finding out the truth maybe you should ask the people who were present or talk to the women involved instead of believing something a Hep C infected halfwit hellbent on revenge posts in a chatroom..