Whats Up With The Swami Shit ?

I cant get inside the minds of elderly homosexuals so I have no clue whats going on with him/her.. Several people have voiced displeasure over the Swami's 3rd person act and are left like the rest of us just shaking our heads.. For years the old fag popped in, posted a few lines and left in a huff because no one payed him much attention.. This all changed when he felt threatened by a friendship and didnt have the social skills or confidence in himself or the friend to cope with it and turned into a hurt little bitchboy.. Then he turned to his intellectual equal, Bonnie.. He saw bonnie getting attention by lashing out at windmills and decided he had enough of being a nobody so he created the Swami persona and adopted Bonnies all or nothing ruin zeeke at any cost strategy.. What baffles me most is why after seeing how years of Zeeke hate have left Bonnie shattered, ruined and friendless he would attempt to use her tactics, They simply dont work.. By entering into Zeekes chatroom mindfuck game you have already lost.. The harder people fight the stronger Zeeke gets and the weaker they become.. I kinda feel sorry for the old dude for losing most of his online friends in such a short ammount of time but as in Bonnies case its all self inflicted and no pity is given.. He does have GREAT new friends like Takoma, Toothless Bob and the headless fatgurl Redskytard and I'm sure they keep his old feeble mind stimulated enough to get him through the hard lonely times hes facing but honestly he has to be hurting inside pretty bad.. My best advice to Swami is reflect on the WRONGS you have done to people, Change course and beg forgivness because demonizing Zeeke is like pissing with the toilet lid down, You just end up splattered and feeling foolish.. Oh right.. Swami squats when he pees so nevermind he wont get it..