Happy New Year 2012

Angry had a bit too much celebrating last evening and is unavailable to DE-LIVER Ask Zeeke's New Year message of goodwill and cheer so I google searched images and FOUNT this gem from 1901 and thought it captured the spirit of the day.. I wondered whatever happened to the baby in the picture so I looked into Zeeke's magic 8 ball and saw some pretty disturbing images of a gurlyman on his knees and A dozen naked men standing in a line.. Then the ball went dark.. I suspect it was some sort of religious ritual because the gurlyman was on his knees in prayer position and A naked man was chanting OH GOD, OH GOD, OH GOD.. Anyway.. The staff here at Ask Zeeke would like to say it's been an honor to waste several minutes of your 2011 reading silly paragraphs that poke fun at the less fortunate members of society.. Ask Zeeke promises BIG and INTERESTING things in 2012 and will continue to provide its vast worldwide readership the same high quality nonsense YOU have come to expect from A true giant in the blog industry.. HAPPY NEW YEAR MOSTLY EVERYONE !