The Current State Of Blogs

Back in 2008 when Ask Zeeke was created the blog scene was played out.. Sillys blog became a dreadful platform of hate, Team Toothless had numerous blogs which never made any sense, Bonnie had 27 blogs that no one was reading.. I got disgusted and stopped reading blogs when they stopped being funny and became pathetic voyeristic snapshots of peoples lives.. I created Ask Zeeke as the anti blog to make fun of the whole situation.. So, We advance to 2010 and little has changed.. Blogs are still played out platforms of hate and nasty.. Its become the norm when a person feels victimized or abused to dig up a buncha personal information and head for the nearest blog and attempt to ruin them.. Sorry but it doesnt work, I dont think anyone has been mentioned in hate blogs more than I have and my life hasnt changed as a result of anything ever written in a blog so whats the point ? My best advice to bloggers is to check the content of what you are posting and ask yourself if its really worth reading or just psychotic hate filled slander ? .. Stick with the name you trust to provide a humorous look at the socially inept halfwits around us.. And remember. Zeeke always has the answer..