What happened to Team Toothless ?

What a great question to kick off the summer.. Well, Team Toothless self destructed.. I told them for months that hate based friendships were never permanent and that eventually they would turn on each other like a pack of wild dogs and of course Zeeke was 100% correct as usual.. I might suggest new leadership because in all honesty a fat moronic trucker looking for a meal ticket and some dumb whore from Washington State obsessing over a dead penis doomed them all for failure.. Maybe now that the fat bimbo from California's dying husband has finally dumped her she has more free time to devote to the cause and will assume a more prominent leadership role and can heal the devastating emotional wounds they inflicted on each other and spearhead some sort of lame assed, hapless comeback.. Hopefully they all learned valuable life lessons from the blunders they made and will somehow rise again from the ashes like a Big Toofless Phoenix.. I wish them well..