Scam Alert Update

A concerned citizen sent me this recently.. Pepper writes, "ok i m's arnt working. i need help. a few days ago we found out jesse's daughter was being physically abused. today we found out sexually as well by her stepfather. he needs to get to her asap. we dont have a car and cant afford 128$ one way on greyhound. he had to go to Delaware to file protection from abuse order , he cannot do it here. we are asking everyone we know to contact churches or see if they know of organizations or someone they know passing through wv that could get him there asap. her mother is aware of this and is not doing anything. we need to help her please see what you can do" Puhleaseeeee her slimebag pimp er uhh.. husband needs a ride to Delaware (likely for a probation hearing over the pregnant whore incident)and once again they are using children as a tool to manipulate money out of peoples wallets.. Luckily Ask Zeeke readers were in the "know" and understood what "panhandling pepper" was all about..You would think Zeeke would get tired of being right all the time but you know.. I never do..