I downloaded a hidden meaning text translator..

Lets try this out..I'll enter the text that Eyore and her Toad posted in MY virginia chatroom on 11/12/2009 and see what happens after the conversion.. < Start program >
Eyore4129: Zeeke I know i'm repulsive and ugly but i really like you
Eyore4129: I want you to come fuck me in the ass
Eyore4129: I'm sad, it makes me sad that you ignore me
Eyore4129: I'm soooooooooooooooo lonely
Eyore4129: come fuck me in the ass
Eyore4129: i'm waiting
Eyore4129: fuck me like the whore i am
Eyore4129: you can abuse my anus
Eyore4129: you know i'm submissive you can do anything to me
Eyore4129: its sad
Eyore4129: sad I'm sad that you wont give me the time of day
Eyore4129: i get stuck with dickless idiots like jnr
Eyore4129: I cant speak up, he changes my oil for free because he thinks hes got a shot at getting my slop hole
Eyore4129: hes a dickless worm
Eyore4129: just like i thought he was
Eyore4129: you can boot me
Eyore4129: come on zeeke, i need it bad
Eyore4129: dont make me beg
Eyore4129: hey joey you dickless worm
Eyore4129: i have begged zeeke to fuck me in the ass
Jnr60johnson: in the anus ?
Eyore4129: I have such a crush on him
Jnr60johnson: who do you wanna fuck, zeek?
Eyore4129: zeek
Eyore4129: yes
Jnr60johnson: o ok can i hide in the closet and jackoff while hes banging you ?
Eyore4129: sad huh??
Eyore4129: i swear that's so hot when you hide in there
Jnr60johnson: well its a good way to get nice ass shots of him
Eyore4129: he needs to have me in his life
Eyore4129: or a women like me to give him herpes
Jnr60johnson: i need to go to sleep and dream of zeeke banging you in the ass
Eyore4129: so do i
Jnr60johnson: later hon enjoy
Jnr60johnson: (_o_)
Eyore4129: nite nite
This is amazing.. It almost makes Eyore and her Toad entertaining.. I cant wait to use it again..