Zeeke G Sanford.. The G Stands For Guhhhhhhhhhh..

After reading Ronnie talking about the joy of recycling scrap metal for profit I decided to load up a truck full of old motors, industrial shelving and random heavy metal things I had accumulated from various MAN projects and head to the local recycling center.. 1300 pounds of scrap metal paid 130 American dollars.. 10 dollars a hundred...amazing.. The last time I took anything to a recycling center I had over a ton and got a measly 23 dollars and it barely paid for gas.. Thanx Ron..I'm well on my way to building an EMPIRE of Zeeke dollars .. I'm not sure how Faggy will spin this on Ugly's blog but I might suggest posting that I'm nearly destitute or that I need the money for rehab.. I was thinking that 130 dollars would buy at least 2 blowjobs from his fiance and I wouldn't even expect her to clean anything like the other dude did... I'll let her load the truck for 25% of the profit and she can take care of bidness on the ride to the recycling center.. Have her give me a call and we can schedule..