Do you need teeth to be a member of "Team Toothless" ?

I think 1 or 2 members still have the teeth they were born with.. So I will say NO , You dont have to be toothless to be a member of "Team Toothless".. Personally, I feel that because they are all grossly overweight "Team Fatty" or " Team Obese" would be more appropriate but, Since Zeeke was the one who coined the name "Team Toothless" and It stuck like a truckers unwashed asscrack to 10 day old underwear ( pause and think about that for a second ) I'm not sure it can be changed at this point.. Someone recently suggested using the names "Team Dumbass" and also " Team Re-Re" When refering to them and I thought they both fit perfectly and should also be up for consideration by the general public.. Thanx for the great question..