Can you qualify implying that Pepper is a whore ?

Shame on you for not having 100% confidence in Zeeke .. I give so much back to my readers and I feel hurt and insulted that I'm being put in the position to qualify my words.. Would newspaper articles bearing names and criminal activitiy be enough to validate my implication that Pepper is indeed a whore ? If you dont trust me maybe you will trust the Dumbass Daily who picked it up and made it a featured story.... If you cant trust Zeeke or a fine literary publication like the Dumbass Daily to shine the light of truth, Who can you trust ? I'm so disheartened and distraught over this outrageous character assination opon my font that I'm penalizing ALL readers by making you do this investigation all by yourselves.. If you Google search.. Prostitute, Craigslist, Pregnant and Arrest, You will find numerous stories about Diane Cromwell and her pimp husband that more than qualify my statement and will restore Zeekes character and integrity to the Lincolnish standards I once enjoyed amongst my many fans ..