Tips on calling someone out..

Recent events prompted me to share tips on the manly art of calling someone out .. First.. Dont use a fat wheelchair bound gimp as a mouthpiece.. Her image suffered enough over wishing her kid dead, She didnt need more bad JU-JU .. Second.. Dont toot your own horn and believe someone is fearful just because you think he wont show up. Third .. If the guy you call out is more than 5 times smarter than you be careful, He might be setting you up .. Fourth and most importantly, If you call someone out.. SHOW UP at the place and time YOU specified or you end up looking like a big fat pussy .. In conclusion, Zeeke doesnt condone this type of behavior .. If a font makes you angry enough to engage in a physical confrontation its time to evaluate where life went wrong and look into buying a penis enlargement pump to correct certain SHORT comings which causes your mouth to write checks you cant cash..