I was trampled by a fatgurl at a buffet, Can I sue ?

Likely NOT.. I had my own brush with death at a buffet.. I reached for the last chop and a fatgurl plunged a fork into the back of my hand.. Her eyes glazed over then she started growling and foaming at the mouth like a rabid dog.. Before she could full on attack me I reached into the dessert bar and grabbed a slice of cheesecake and threw it in the other direction, When she dove for it I made my escape.. I contacted A lawyer and he told me fatgurls are poor, lazy and usually dont have jobs so why bother ? All you can do is minimize contact with fatties and avoid future injury by avoiding places they hang out like Buffets, Bingo halls, Bowling alleys and Walmarts .. Always remember to point and laugh from a safe distance and you'll be fine ..