Zeeke you caught me in another lie.. How did you know I was lying ?

Once you get caught lying.. (which you have been many times} Its impossible for me to believe anything you say, So everything you say becomes a lie from that moment on.. This time busting you out was even better because you saw fit to drag a BIMBHO from California and a HOSEBAG from Washington State along for the ride.. When you said THEY created the name and told you the "BOB" was unavailable, You dragged them into the tall tale right along with you .. When I went and created the name ALL 3 of you said was Unavailable, It Proved the whole story false .. Guess What ? It made all 3 of you LIARS and the game was over... I wouldnt wanna be in YOUR shoes when those 2 bitches figure out that you ratfucked them as well as yourself.. Let this be another "ZEEKE" lesson learned .. Dont lie or Zeeke will make you look like a total ass..