4 Words That Changed The World Forever

Ask Zeeke is sad to report the loss of a cultural icon.. Bill " squeal like a pig " McKinney has passed away after a bout with cancer.. Ned Beatty's rape in the 1972 movie Deliverance remains the single most disturbing scene ever put on film.. (unless of course you are ChristopherK2 then its the stuff hot sweaty man dreams are made of ) In accordance with mancode paragraph 27 I've watched Deliverance half a dozen times and have never been able watch the scene in its entirety without turning my head.. I encourage Ask Zeeke readers to google excerpts from Burt Reynolds book about Bill McKinney and the backstory of the rape scene and how far McKinney was willing to take it.. One thing is curious though.. Why did it take 39 years to die from an arrow wound ?... RIP Mr McKinney..