Another Milestone.. Ask Zeeke's 300th post..

I wish to thank all the people who made this possible.. YOU the readers.. It's been my honor to provide you with some outrageous laughs and hopefully provide a little insight into the mindless stupidity that surrounds Maryland Chat.. Not a single word posted in a blog should have any significant impact on anyones life but look at the utter madness Zeeke has created.. The last time I looked at Ugly's smear rag Zeeke hate had consumed it entirely.. It's really mindblowing to think that a character I created to make fun of the the AOL establishment a decade ago could still have such a profound impact on so many peoples lives but the evidence is clear, Zeeke has.. I think Faggy's anti-zeeke campaign has been the funniest self destruction I've ever witnessed.. He's become everything he detests and theres no way for anyone to view that except laugh at the old senile coot and call it a TOTAL VICTORY ! So anyway.. Ask Zeeke will continue providing its readers with the same high quality nonsense you have come to expect from A true giant of the industry and please always remember.... ZEEKE HATE ROONS LIFES !