This morning I purchased an online medical degree and as a public service the staff at Ask Zeeke will start offering FREE medical advice..

The first product we will recommend is Liverite.. Study's have shown that good liver function is critical to general health and mental well being.. Without a healthy liver toxins build up in the blood and make normal life impossible.. Signs of a failing liver include.. Comma abuse, Poor grammar, Using big words incorrectly, Living in Halethorpe, Dependence on welfare, Living in section 8 housing, No job in 40 years, Having 57 blogs and 52 of them are related to the same subject, Crying at Walmart, Feeling victimized by a society in which you have contributed nothing, Inability to keep friendships, Self degradation and Sucking dick for Kools.. Of course this is a partial list but if you show any of these warning signs you would benefit greatly from Liverite unless of course you have Hep C then just give up because you will die soon and it's a waste of taxpayer money.. I hope you found this new segment informative and HEPful..