Another Brilliant Failure

Hi there....
I started an internet chat room on April 29, 2012... Marylanders Over 35.... no one can take over the room... I have total control over who gets to use and stay in the room... the link is....
It'll be active 24-7-365 and it's open now.   This room doesn't need anyone in it to remain open and usable.  There is no haggling over a bolt.  I am the owner and Super Administrator and may appoint several others to be Administrators to monitor the room when I'm not there.  Oh, and it currently allows for an unlimited number of users to be in the room at any time.   I'm searching for a way to cap it at 50 or 60 users.  And there's an idle timer -- if someone doesn't input any keystrokes in about 30-minutes... they are kicked from the room.  That'll hinder those endless campers who were just logging AOL's room chat.   But they can return.  When I BAN someone they can't simply change names and come back in.  Bans are done by their IP address... that set of 12 numbers that is one's internet address.  So eliminating a'holes and twits will be much easier and more successful.... though still not perfect.

You must have JAVA installed and running on your computer in order to use the room.  And you must register in order to even get into it.

Stop in for a visit.... but there are only about 10 others so far that have registered.  Time will tell how successful the room will be.
Take Care,
Dennis (Frostking9)