Our mission was to force Ugly to enable comment moderation.. That's a win..
Ugly himself blogged pictures of minor children.. Another win..
They were completely shut out of the blog for 36 hours.. Another win..
Ugly will have to babysit the blog and keep invaders out.. Another win..
I fully expected retribution for raping Ugly's blog but the response was a little weaker than I anticipated.. A few pictures of people I barely know and most I dont even recognize, Faggy threatening legal action because we stole his life for 36 hours and of course Bonnie's insane Zeeke theories are always good for a laugh.. All in all I would call the mission a TOTAL VICTORY and have no regrets especially when I think of Ugly spending hours deleting things like "monika snorted my cum thru a straw" or any of the other hundreds of hilarious comments we bombarded the blog with.. Would I do it again ? That question will be answered if Ugly ever removes comment moderation and things like "christopher blows cum bubbles" or "Bonnie drinks toilet water" start appearing on Ugly's blog you will know my answer is YES..