Rare Pink Mushrooms Found..

Yesterday while the hapless shut in tards were busy stalking the internet for any possible new Zeeke information I was out shroomin near Whiskey Springs pond and found the elusive pink Mushroom.. I been shroomin for over 40 years and until yesterday had never seen them.. It was exciting.. Like Faggy finding the perfect color high heels or Bonnie finding a dollar bill in her couch.. It's a once in a lifetime event..
Of course while you are out in the mountains sanitary facilities aren't readily available so when nature calls you gotta take care of business as best you can.. I found a proper log and did my business and thought of a fun way to mess with the tards.. After pooping I clicked the location into GPS and got the following coordinates.. 39*31'58.26N - 77*28'31.33W.. If crazed Zeeke stalkers enter that location into GPS and follow the directions carefully you will be rewarded with the find of the century.. A pile of Zeekes poop.... Think of what you can do with it ?.. Have it DNA tested.. Figure out what I ate for dinner the night before or just bag it and take it home as a momento or just eat it.. I dont care I'm done with it.. One thing is certain.. You better hurry and get it before the word gets out and its gone.. Imagine being the first insane Zeeke stalker to actually own a piece of Zeeke poop..
You will be the envy of crazed Zeeke stalkers everywhere..