Sick Childish and Perverse But Funny As Hell

It was a brilliant plan.. Ugly informed the world that he was going to the Preakness and Faggy informed the world that blogger cuts off comments at 200. Armed with that intel and a little diabolical thought a plan was drawn.. The Alliance to Sabotage Bonnies Manic Ranting on Ugly's Blog was quickly formed and the plan was executed with deadly force and precision accuracy.. Sure it's childish but imagine Faggy and Bonnie unable to post on Ugly's blog for at least 12 hours until Ugly gets home and fixes the mess we made of his blog.. They will be suicidal and feel even worse when they learn that they helped shut it down .. Every comment you throw at Ugly's blog is instantly rebuffed by those 2 dimwits so one comment actually tallied 3 and in somecases Faggy and Bonnie will rebuff a single post 3 or 4 times each making the number 200 easily attainable with minimal effort.. So what did we learn here ? Not a fucking thing that serves any useful purpose in life but Ron and I have ROONT a Saturday for Team Dimwit. TOTAL VICTORY !