Another birthday came and went and still no jet powered ATV.. I've decided instead of waiting for my legions of adoring fans to buy me one as a birthday gift I would build my own and fund it in a non traditional manner.. Starting today, Everytime the word "ZEEKE" is posted online that person owes me a dollar and if I'm the subject of a blog its 10 dollars.. You will recieve a monthly bill for ZEEKE usage and prompt payment will be expected.. I'm figuring 20 grand a month will be generated from Christofag and his ZEEKE obsessed smear rag alone so that will cover the T-38 jet turbine I found on Ebay.. The rest of the build can be funded thru ZEEKE mentions in the Team Toothless controlled chatroom.. Add in HepWHore and Spamloaf's IM's and random crybabies who feel victimized by a font and lash out in anger and a small fortune is only a few months away.. I'm setting a timeline for completion by July 2012 so obsess away tardos and make my dream a reality..