Hep Infected And Drunk Is No Excuse

OnlineHost: BonniesbackUazz has entered the room.
OnlineHost: BonniesbackUazz has left the room
OnlineHost: Svapam has entered the room.
Svapam: breaking news alert
Svapam: pink pig shaped blimp lands in lady's backyard
Svapam: seems it was blown there by heavy winds
Svapam: and it lost all it's hot air
Svapam: has the name cindy on it
OnlineHost: BOnaMI43 has left the room.
Svapam: anyone losing a pig shaped blimp is advised to notify their local police station
OnlineHost: Svapam has left the room. ( end of drunken spew ) I cut out the 25 pop-ins Bonnie and Spam made in the Love Fest room just before Spam's alcohol induced rage made her post that.. Good luck justifying that behavior to Christofag...