Special Zeeke Commentary

Yes.. I have found a way to have the same name in 2 chatrooms at once.. Is it the 400 step process Bonehead talks about in the previous post ? of course not.. I can assure everyone it DOES NOT involve AOL 2.5 thru 5 or dialup.. What gets in that womans head to make her post such stupid shit ? Oh right.. The Hep virus.. durrrrrrrrr.. After I discovered how to do the multiple chatrooms thing I told Itchy and Ron how to do it and we all said.. " This will make Bonnies hair fall out in clumps ".. Looks like we were right.. She was up at 3am googling " cloning " and developing crackpot theories that only a mentally deficient person could find plausible.. I'm glad someone sent me the blogpost because it reminded me how fucked up and warped her brain is and how happy I am to be away from all that nonsense.. ZOMBIE LOVE RULES !