Please Upgrade To AOL 5 So You Can Mess With Retards

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Subj: LOL her theory how you are in 2 rooms LOL

Leave it to the the unsnrupulous deceptive morons!

I was checking the rooms out this morning and I noticed that the screen names GodLuvsZeeke and SxyDelaBabeRed were both in the Marylandersover35 chat room and the Maryland Love Fest room and, was wondering how that was possible... So, I looked up Cloning and this is what I found.


Cloning is the process of signing onto two AOL screen names at the same time. This is done by signing on to AOL4 or AOL5 through the phone line then AOL2.5 through the internet connection provided by AOL4 or 5.

Beware: AOL does not let two screen names on the same account to be signed on at the same time. Therefore, make sure you have two screen names available, with each on a seperate account.
Setting up your Computer

Download AOL4 or AOL5 if you dont already have it - Keyword: Upgrade
Download AOL2.5 - AOL25.exe
Download the latest version of UltraEdit32 - uedit32.zip
When loading America Online, the AOL program checks to see if another America Online is open. If another AOL is open then the AOL you are opening will not load. So in order to load another AOL we need to trick the AOL program into thinking there are no other AOLs open. The window that AOL looks for while opening is called AOL Frame25. So we need to open another AOL version and change the name of it to something other than AOL Frame25 (We will change it to AOL Frame26). The following instructions show how to accomplish this task.
Doing this will you to open AOL4.0 or AOL5.0 and AOL2.5 at the same time.
Open UltraEdit (Click Start | Programs | UltraEdit32 | UltraEdit | UltraEdit-32 Text Editor)
Click the menus File | Open
Navigate to the AOL2.5 directory and open waol.exe (eg. C:\AOL25\waol.exe)
Click the menus Find | Replace
In the "Find What" text box type AOL Frame25
In the "Replace With" text box type AOL Frame24
Click "Replace All" then click "Yes" on the Confirmation Message box
Click File | Save
Close UltraEdit
In this step you will change the sign on options in AOL2.5.
Doing this will let you connect to AOL through your online connection with AOL4/5.
Open AOL2.5
Click "Setup" on the Sign On screen
Click "Create Location" on the Network & Modem Setup window
A window should appear "Network Setup". Where it says "Network" and gives a list of options choose from the combo box "TCP/IP" Click here for an illustration
Click "Save"
Click "Ok"
Close AOL2.5Now you are ready to clone

Sign onto AOL4 or AOL5
Open AOL4 or AOL5
Choose the screen name you want to sign on as, type in your password and sign on.
Minimize AOL4 or AOL5 but still keep it open
Sign on AOL2.5
Open AOL2.5
Click "Setup" on the Sign on screen
From the Network and Modem Setup window choose the last item (It may be "New Locality" or something else but don't select "Home")
Select Guest from the sign on list and sign on Congratulations!
If everything has worked correctly then you should be signed on two screen names at once: one screen name with AOL4 or AOL5 and another with AOL2.5.
You can edit another AOL version using the same process and sign on another screen name. However, most people dont have three accounts to use. You can sign on an AIM name as well.
Questions? Comments? Problems? xxalphai@aol.com

I have one question though...........What exactly is the point of doing this? Could it be that Zeeke really doesnt have a life? He is always accusing others of "having no life" and always saying that "AOL is......so and so's life". Sure seems as though Zeeke is the one whose life is totally engrossed by AOL. Where he can harass, attack, varbally abuse and, threaten people without suffering any consequenses. You could say that Zeeke lives a sheltered life, and that shelter he hides in is AOL!
Posted by Bonnie at 2:53 AM... Seriously.. Shes up at 3 AM stressing over why I have the same name in 2 different rooms ? Look at what she found.. AOL 2.5 ? AOL 4 ? please upgrade to AOL 5 ? Dialup ? That shits more outdated than Spams hairstyle and like all of Bonnies crackpot theories totally wrong..