Great Leadership And Proper Planning

Within seconds of regaining possession of the old room the ZOMBIE EMERGENCY PLAN was implemented and carried out with the precision of a seal team 6 extraction unit.. Zombie assets were locked down tight and the perimeter was sealed with no chance of a Team Toothless counter attack.. Zombie Snipers were placed on rooftops and picked off a few stragglers but no real threat ever materialized.. The Zombie plan was flawless.. On the other hand Team Toothless is still in total disarray 30 hours after the AOL reset.. Bonnie and Spamloaf are clicking all over the place with no real direction or strategy and our elite recon force noted on several occasions that Team Toothless members were sitting alone in 4 different rooms.. Once again the Zombies demonstrated superior intellect and composure under fire which won the day.. ZOMBIES RULE !