Wrong Wrong Wrong

Once again Team Toothless is trying to rewrite history by posting outright lies and wild speculation as fact.. I thought for the sake of truth I would put the history of the LOVE FEST room in writing so future generations could have a reference point from a reliable and credible source.. Centuries ago a Zeeke obsessed old gurlyman named Christofagk2 got the bolt in the MarylandersOver35 chatroom.. After a full day of posting rules and regulations concerning conduct and explaining that if you wish to remain you must bow before Team Toothless and endure the Hep Sisters constant badgering without reply or be banned.. It was clear to the majority of Marylanders that Christofags senility driven detachment from reality and lack of basic social skills was not going to be conducive to maintaining A quality chat environment so naturally everyone turned to ZEEKE as the savior because I'm the one person who could be bold enough to start a new room and unite the masses and best provide them with a positive chat experience.. I'm A natural born leader who at every turn displays honor, strength and dignity and who's reputation and honesty are beyond reproach... Of course when I created the LOVE FEST room the other room died within minutes... At first it was all about numbers so I allowed marginal tards and spies with fake names from the old room to watch and report back to Christofag for blog material and get the buzz going.. Slowly I weeded out the spy names and marginal tards and ended up with a pretty good group of hand selected people who I felt were the best and brightest from the old room.. I held the bolt until the room was stable and operating smoothly.. After the LOVE FEST room was established I decided to give the bolt away for a limited time to Ron so he could promote his new blog and rub some noses in poop .. After I got the bolt back from Ron I became more selective and a few surprising names were banished and sent back to the old room.. In an unexpected twist the people I bolted were unwilling to go back into the Team Toothless controlled room but instead moved onto greener chat pastures in other rooms.. By this time the LOVE FEST was set on auto pilot and nothing could destroy it.. This brings us to the point of the story where Team Toothless seems to be rewriting history in a pathetic attempt to repair wounded egos and hurt feelings.. At somepoint AOL reset all the rooms and Perky ended up with the bolt.. She offered it back to me but I told her to keep it and have fun.. She had some laughs then gave the bolt to her husband Alz.. Shortly after Alz got the bolt AOL reset again.. This time Pantry ended up with the bolt.. She didn't really want it but saved it from the evil clutches of Team Toothless and after a day or two of bolting tards she decided to give the bolt to Ham which brings us to today.. At no time did I influence who ended up with the bolt after AOL reset the first time or display any anger or resentment towards the person who got the bolt so anything said about that is the product of a senile and delusional old sissyman and his need to point fingers and blame me for his failure and smear Hams good name as her punishment for destroying his fragile ego by having the audacity to post the word "OK" to one of Christofag's snide comments he made about me to Ham nearly 3 years ago.. I think after nearly 3 years its time for Christofag to put on his big girl depends and move on with his life.. I really thought it was important for the world to have the story correct and hopefully I have set the record straight before Ole Faggy's twisted version of the truth got traction and the truth got harder to establish.. I'm looking forward to a bright chat future in a world We created in our happy little TARD FREE ZONE we call the LOVE FEST room..