Another MYSTERY Email !

I got another email from Dulcepisme@yahoo.com.. ( the woman who busted out GuyLikesDick for being a perverted webcam freak ) "It appears another marylander is up to no good with the ladies. This one might be even worse than that faggy guy. I've been watching this one unfold for a few months. Funny how people (especially women) like to cry on my shoulders. I have to admit, I came into the Maryland room a few months back and watched the man who has been stringing along a clueless woman. I'll be doing a favor to the women he's probably chatting up there in private and getting a little payback in for his " victim". Sounds like he has gone out and met people from the Maryland room and he has a profession that everyone admires, hence the surprise when he's exposed. I'm just waiting for this woman ( who he has told how much he cares for her, wants her and wants to meet her bs etc etc) to realize he's lying and wash her hands of him then I'll lower the boom without too much collateral damage. I write you because you tell it like it is, and the perpetrators will have no idea where you get your information If you're not interested, reply back and put "not interested" in the subject and I'll try to find someone else that had the right persona to "share" this info with credibility." ..... I'm not even the least bit curious who shes talking about so I'm not replying to the email but if anyone feels the need to GET THE POOP feel free..