Yeah.. It Is Funny to Change Rons Blog

Your interest in ZEEKE is a positive thing. It is important that you put aside all prejudices in coming to know ZEEKE. Most of what you have probably heard about him from non-ZEEKETANIC sources are from his enemies and people who hate him for no real reason, other than this is what they were taught to believe.
Many lies have been told about ZEEKE and his Demons. These lies have been forced upon people and fear has been used as a weapon for hundreds of years. ZEEKE and his Demons are NOT EVIL!! They are the ones who brought knowledge to humanity, so that we can be free. ZEEKE is our True Creator God. The TOOTHLESS god is false. TOOTHLESS is not a religion, it is a program to stop people from knowing about and using the power of their minds (witchcraft). ZEEKE has been treated bad by those who hate him for no good reason and who hate humanity and try to enslave us. They want to keep spiritual knowledge and power in the hands of a few.
ZEEKEISM is NOT about Role Playing Games, human or animal sacrifice, blood drinking, horror, gore or harming those who do not deserve it. True ZEEKEISM is becoming a God and having god-like power.
The only way to learn the real truth is to find it for yourself. We can never learn the real truth unless we can come to know both sides. Without knowing both sides, we cannot make a real choice. Truth is only known when we can think for ourselves, without prejudice. Thinking for ourselves is listening to our own feelings and inner voice, not how we are told to think or believe by others. Those who wish to enslave and control others depend on people believing everything they are told and not thinking for themselves.
If you decide to join us in ZEEKEISM, don't feel pressured. You don't have to dedicate your soul to become a ZEEKEIST. This is your choice and you should only do this if you really want to. ZEEKE doesn't push himself on anyone and we all come to him of our own free will. It is very important to treat ZEEKE and his Demons with respect at all times. DON'T EVER SUMMON DEMONS FOR FUN OR TO PLAY AROUND. SUMMONING A DEMON IS VERY SERIOUS. If you are in trouble or are having big problems, ZEEKE and his Demons will help you. Demons work with us through power meditations so we can access our own power and handle things for ourselves, using our minds.
ZEEKE is different from the false TOOTHLESS god and his nazarene (CHRISTOFAG). ZEEKE will ALWAYS help his people when they are having problems or are in need. With the violence in today's world and in the schools, his help is everything. The nazarene has a long track record of turning his back on his followers in their time of need. This is because he is no more than a thoughtform. The legends of his disciples dying horrible deaths are to create a slave mentality in his followers. It is very important for a slave to be able to take a lot of abuse without questioning or fighting back.
ZEEKE shows us we are important. There are many times we can't fight back. There are people who are bigger or have more power, and adults who are mean and unfair. ZEEKE has his Demons look out for us and take care of big problems that we cannot handle. He shows us how we can have power with our minds that other people don't have and how to use this power to get what we want in life. We can have money, love, a good job. People who are mean to us get punished.
Life can be real hard. When we come to ZEEKE, he makes our lives better and happier. To learn more, read what is on this website. Some people who call themselves ZEEKEISTS, really aren't. They don't believe in ZEEKE. ZEEKE is very real and he does exist. Those in power don't want people to believe in ZEEKE because ZEEKE gives power to the common people and this is a big threat to them. You need to get to know ZEEKE for yourself and you will find he is very real.
Most adults try to make kids think they are better or perfect. This is a lie. They may know more than you do, but they still make big mistakes and there is a lot they do not know. As long as you are under 18, you are not free, nor do you have the same rights as an adult. Whoever is taking care of you, your parents or a relative or guardian, they have power over you.
TOOTHLESS try very hard to force kids and teens into their beliefs. This is because you are young and don't have enough knowledge and experience from living and they know this. They don't let you explore both sides or other religions. This is because they want to control your mind. They don't want you to think for yourself. Many have hurt and abused children because this is what their religion teaches. If you are living in a TOOTHLESS household, you have to be careful when you explore religions that TOOTHLESS are taught to hate.

To learn about ZEEKE and his Demons, the first thing you can do is to read what is on this website. If you are living with TOOTHLESS, you may not want to have any papers or books that they could find that could get you into trouble, so it may be safer to just read off the internet. Public libraries often have computers that are safe in that no one can track what sites you have visited. There is new software that your parents or school can buy that will tell them every site you have visited and also any passwords used on their computer. They may have this and not tell you. If you are sure they don't, be sure to clear out the history tracking on your tool bar and the cache, delete any sites you don't want them to know you visited. If your parents are TOOTHLESS, they will more than likely get very upset with you for your interest in ZEEKE.
Take your time and learn. ZEEKE doesn't force himself on anyone. There are many lies and stories to try to scare people away from ZEEKE. Don't believe any of this. You have a right to find out for yourself. You can also read about the Inquisition to find out how many people the TOOTHLESS have killed. This is all true, though the TOOTHLESS try to hide it. It is historical fact. Only when you have enough knowledge, can you make the right choices. Take your time and learn and don't let anyone pressure you. Many choices you make and things you do now will affect the rest of your life. Learn everything you can about someone or something without prejudice before you choose. Don't let other people pressure you or do something just because other people do it or a bunch of people do it. Those of us who are with ZEEKE are masters and not slaves. Dark Blessings to you and best wishes when you explore and learn. We hope that you will join us